Light weight, mid-range capability, high-end tip, advanced accuracy and precision


YellowScan Mapper is the next generation of an integrated LIDAR solution.
Light weight, medium range capability, state-of-the-art tip, accuracy and advanced precision,
makes it the most cost-effective in our range of Lidar radars.

It is dedicated to UAV mapping.

  • Livox Horizon multi-echo laser scanner
  • Calibrated GNSS-inertial APX-15 card
  • GNSS antenna and cable
  • Built-in battery (+ spare)
  • Battery charger and data cables
  • 2 x external sensor connectors
  • Sturdy carrying case with customised foam
  • 1 year warranty and technical support
  • 1 x remote health monitoring
  • 1.4 kg (including battery)
  • 1.5 h autonomy

YellowScan CloudStation

  • YellowScan software for processing and
  • visualisation of .LAS files
  • Optimised and user-friendly graphical interface
  • Automatic or customised flight line selection
  • Advanced visualisation tools
  • Annual subscription (must be renewed every year)
  • 1 single seat floating licence (token system)
  • Possibility to withdraw the licence within 30 days
  • Maintenance included (support and upgrades)
  • Required for each first hardware purchase

Applanix POSPac UAV

  • Trajectory correction software for improved point cloud generation
  • Enables single-base inertial navigation fusion processes
  • Annual subscription (must be renewed every year)

Training available

  • 3 days of training (18 hours) 
  • Yellowscan Online Platform with Trainee.
  • Includes survey planning, operation of YellowScan, pre-processing of a geo-referenced point cloud with YellowScan.
  • YellowScan, pre-processing of a geo-referenced point cloud with YellowScan
  • CloudStation and interpretation elements.
  • Recommended for advanced operators.
  • Beginners should receive advanced training on site.

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