Agriculture Solutions

The agras T20 features an improved overall structure with modular design and supports the largest payload and widest spray width ever seen on a DJI agricultural drone. With powerful hardware, a ia mechanism and 3d operation planning, the t20 takes operation efficiency to a whole new level.

Smart and efficient solutions

Low production and time-consuming operations are a thing of the past. The equipment available from HP and the integrated farm management system provide intelligent data collection and analysis, applicable for field missions, crop inspection, and insect and pest control.

Crop Protection


T20 can be used for insect and weed control for a variety of crops, such as rice, wheat, corn, citrus trees, cotton and more.


Crop inspection

Phantom 4 Multispectral
Based on the collected multispectral data, users can quickly acquire desired plant-specific metrics and parameters, inspect plant health in real time, detect insects and weeds promptly, and use crop protection measures to ensure accurate crop management.

Terrain Mapping

Phantom 4 RTK
The Phantom 4 RTK helps design construction plans, use the GIS system for property management, record changes in field conditions, generate basic maps for precision farming, and provide a reference for construction and field planning.


DJI not only empowers agriculture professionals with powerful equipment, but also provides smart solutions that save time and increase workflow, benefiting a wide range of customers, from the farmer and growers to agricultural cooperation and service agencies.

Crop management

With our solutions you can make digital, informative, intelligent and accurate field management for grain crops like rice, wheat and corn. This empowers farm operators with more convenient and efficient options, reduces operating costs, improves crop quality and increases yield rate.

Commercial crops

We also provide digital, informative, intelligent and accurate management solutions for commercial crops such as cotton, citrus trees, apple trees and tea plants. As with grain crops, farm operators will find these options more convenient, cost-effective and beneficial for crop quality and yield rate..

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