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At HPDrones we are part of the best solutions for your company. Discover our next generation of integrated LiDAR UAV solution. With Livox technology, YellowScan sets new standards for LiDAR UAV mapping. Low weight, mid-range capability, top-end point, accuracy and advanced precision, make it the most cost-effective in our Lidar range of speed cameras. It is dedicated to UAV mapping.

Innovation & 360 Concept

A HP Drones is an official representative of the brands DJI , DJI Enterprise , YellowScan , MicaSense , Pix4D , Quantum-Systems e Elistair in Portugal. We have a wide range of products, from drones, cameras, software and various types of accessories, which can be customized to the customer’s needs, such as the HP Winch developed for the project “Save more lives “

We have a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team to help you from the process of choosing equipment / software to delivering the final product. We call this process the Concept 360 , which will go through:

  • Consulting and needs assessment
    • Demonstration in a suitable location
  • Specialized training
  • Choosing the best equipment
    • Easy to change old models / Drone hire < / span>
  • Repair certified by DJI
    • Maintenance of your equipment
  • Data Collection – Data Collecting
    • If you choose not to purchase the equipment.

Public security

Agriculture Solutions

Formação Certificada DJI

O programa chega finalmente a território nacional pela HP Drones, a empresa líder em Portugal, tanto no conhecimento e comercialização de drones, como nos seus serviços.

Software e Câmaras
 DJI Terra • Pix4D • MicaSense

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Hanniel Pontes

Hanniel Pontes - CEO HPDrones

Ricardo Regueira

Enterprise Sales Director - HPDRONES

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DJI • Pix4D • MicaSense

Espanha • DJI
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